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Elsinore Peak

Site Name: Elsinore Peak
Latitude: 033 36 08.1N 33.6022500
Longitude: 117 20 38.1W -117.3439167
  Feet Meters
Ground Elevation: 3520 1072.9
Support Structure Height: 120 36.6
Height With Appurtences: 140 42.7
HAAT: 1433.6 437
Antenna Height For HAAT: 100.0 30.5
Type of Facility: Block Building & Tower
Address: S. Main Divide Truck Trail
City: Lake Elsinore
County: Riverside
State: California
Existing Callsign: WQKR933
Backup Generator: 100KW Kohler
Backup Battery: 240Ah
Temp Control: Air Cond
Cable Entry: Microflect 4
Method of Cable Attachment: Snap-In or Rod & Cushion
Method of Antenna Mounting: Existing Candleabra
Security: Alarm & Cameras
Land Owner: USFS

Site Coverage: This site provides excellent coverage of Lake Elsinore Inland Empire and the surrounding areas.

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