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A Two-Way Radio System is the most reliable and practical solution for easily communicating to groups, or sub-groups of people simultaneously. The ability to make immediate real time announcements to teams or staff is critical, and there is no communication method more efficient for that purpose.

Because a Two-Way Radio System is a one to many configuration, it is very easy to manage and coordinate teams quickly as you control the size of your radio network and the access to it. Information is provided over the air without repetition, with everyone hearing the same message at once without spending time dialing each person. This eliminates the need for people to relay messages, reducing the chance of miscommunication or duplication of information, providing greater efficiency and saving time and money!

Two Way RadiosMany different types of radios are available depending on the application

Portables, HTs or Walkie Talkies Battery powered handheld units

Mobiles Vehicle mounted. These are powered from the vehicle and usually have more power and an outside antenna for greater range

Base Stations Mounted in a building or office. This is convenient for working from a desk, and an antenna on the roof will have better range than a mobile

Repeaters These are remote relays usually placed on top of a building or mountain for greater range

Dispatch Consoles These are for control of multiple or remote radios from a computer console.

Networked Radios These are for the longest range and reliability. Multiple mountain top and other high level sites are linked together to provide coverage over a large area.

Many of these radios are also available for rental in addition to purchase.

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