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Construction Material Handling


Improve Your Job Site Productivity and Safety

MRA dba Raycom offers on site radios for coordinating the on site construction at an individual project and wide area communications to be able to speak to your crew spread out over a wide area through our digital radio network.  Both types of communications can often be accommodated in one radio; and on the same radio channel if desired.  Radios can be used for the following tasks:

  • Traffic handling on road construction projects
  • GPS tracking of the vehicles to facilitate accountability, efficiency and productivity
  • Dispatch of field personnel to construction sites
  • Improve job site safety and productivity by eliminating wasted time and being able to coordinate activity to avoid conflicts of tasks
  • Communication from the field construction office, especially when construction is in an area without cellular coverage
  • Eliminate costly wasted time by not having field personnel use a consumer cellular device that consistently competes for the attention of personnel and is designed for consumer grade reliability
  • Traffic control at construction site, especially public roads when the two ends of the project are too far apart for reliable simplex radio operation


Cellular is unreliable in many circumstances, especially when the calls go to voice mail.  The ability to speak with any or all of the construction fleet at one time at the push of a button cannot be replicated by cellular.  Cellular is expensive for several reasons:

  • State law prohibits the use of handheld electronic devices while driving which include cellular telephones unless connected to a Bluetooth or other hands free device.  Hands free devices do not work well in environments that have background noise like in the cab of a truck, bus or other large vehicle.
  • Kenwood white paper regarding new law affecting mobile device use by commercial drivers does not affect two-way radio.
  • The initial cost of smart phones is high and the reliability is low
  • Cellular phones often need to be rebooted
  • Missed calls end up going to voice mail which significantly delays message throughput
  • Cellular phones almost always fail during a major emergency
  • Cellular systems become instantly overloaded during a major emergency
  • It takes too long to dial, wait for the phone to ring and receive an answer compared to Push-To-Talk with two-way radio.
  • Only 2-3 people can discuss an issue at the same time with cellular.  With two-way radio, any size group of people can be part of the same conversation


Click here to view presentation on The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), and the Department of Transportation (DOT)   regarding the use of cellular devices in your vehicles.

Construction 2


Communications is the key to coordination of any activity.  Construction has unique challenges that require the orchestration of many special trades at the right time and in the right order.  Failure to orchestrate the timing of each part of the construction job will prevent bringing in the job on time and on budget.  Good reliable radio communications is the life blood of a successful construction project and Diga-Talk is the way to make that happen.

Click here to view an interactive presentation on Communications Solutions for Transportation.There are many interactive features in the presentation by clicking on the arrows.

In some construction jobs, a central dispatch is required.  MRA dba Raycom has many solutions that will significantly enhance your central dispatch.  Products such as RadioPro which provides a centralized dispatch, add many key features such as call logging and voice recording and can allow your key personnel to access to your radio system from their cellular phone.  Application Focus on Construction

Try our Diga-Talk radios with the following great features:

  • Loud and clear quality audio that can be heard under loud noise conditions with Kenwood’s noise reduction technology
  • Quick access to your personnel – connection time is typically 1.0 second or less
  • GPS tracking can tell you where your crew are located
  • Eliminate the distraction and illegal use of cellular while driving
  • Eliminate the liability of cellular use while driving
  • The liability associated with a driver getting into an accident while using a cellular device can cost a company far in excess the cost of a two-way radio system


Remember the 3 rules of making money in real estate, Location, Location and Location.  The 3 Cs of radio communications are Coverage, Coverage and more Coverage.  Our customers demand coverage.  Every construction project has its own need for coverage which is never exactly the same as another construction project at a different location.  By providing more coverage in Southern California than any other radio company, we can provide solutions when the others can’t do it.  Read more…

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