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There is no greater need for reliable communications than first responders.  Police departments invest millions on reliable radio systems to improve coverage for first responders in urban areas.  Unfortunately, the cost of infrastructure in rural areas exceeds available budgets and requires the first responders to work with less than satisfactory coverage with their radio systems.  This includes Customs and Boarder Patrol, National Park Service, US Forest Service, County Sheriff, State Troopers, Bureau of Land Management and many other agencies that have to cover wide areas with irregular terrain.  Most of these systems are conventional systems and many do not have IP site connect to facilitate connection of the sites into a network.  Some of these systems are simplex systems, some with tone remotes and some are repeaters with tone remote interface.  These were the best that technology had to offer at the time they were installed for the budget available, but times have changed and now there are other options.

Diga-Talk can provide a significantly enhanced level of service to rural fire departments, search & rescue, police departments, public works and other governmental departments that have a need for communications.  Each department can have their own talk group giving them privacy from each of the other departments while achieving radio coverage that could never be duplicated on a department by department basis due to the budgets required to provide reliable infrastructure.

Try our Diga-Talk radios with the following great features:

  • Loud and clear quality audio that can be heard under loud noise conditions with Kenwood’s noise reduction technology
  • Quick access to your personnel – connection time is typically 1.0 second or less
  • GPS tracking can tell you where your officers are located.  View the entire patrol staff on your computer screen so you know where they are before they call for assistance.
  • Man down operation
  • Confined space operation
  • Emergency alert operation
  • Eliminate the distraction and illegal use of cellular while driving
  • The liability associated with a driver getting into an accident while using a cellular device can cost a company far in excess the cost of a two-way radio system

Digital radio systems sound very differently than an analog radio system.  The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) prepared a report discussing the intelligibility of selected radio systems in the presence of fire ground noise.  The complete test plan and results are available here.  The report has applicability to the police service because the location of a police incident can contain significant noise like a fire scene or have different types of noise.

View initial report: Test Plan and Results

View updated report:  Updated Test Plan and Results

There is a website the contains a huge amount of information regarding the use of radios in the fire ground area as well as for police operations.  This can be found at the following location:

Remember the 3 rules of making money in real estate, Location, Location and Location.  The 3 Cs of radio communications are Coverage, Coverage and more Coverage.  Our customers demand coverage.  S&R has their own need for coverage which is never exactly the same for every rescue.  By providing more coverage in Southern California than any other radio company, we can provide solutions when the others can’t do it.  By adding a network site within your S&R district, we can provide you with the ability to save lives because you have the communications you need.  Read more…

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