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Myth Busting

Many things circulate on the Internet, not all of it true. Radio, like many other technologies is based on real measurable science, but despite that misconceptions, myths and hoaxes make their way in to news and marketing.

Free Power
“Revolutionary” technology will supply all your power needs.

Nano Crystal Electricity
This started out as an adaption of some of Tesla’s work, the claims quickly got out of hand

Quartz Crystal Antennas
Crystals have a certain fascination for humans, but can you use a box of rocks as an antenna?

Cell Phone Radiation Shields
Protection from unseen “radiation”

Ghost Hunting
Who you gonna call?

Voice Mail Rescue
A popular viral message recommends changing your voice mail if you have no cell signal. Some basic common sense is missing in this.

300 watt Portable Radio
Is this believable?

Bigger is Better
Does size really matter?

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