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What our clients have to say…

I want to say thanks for setting us up with the GPS walkies for ComicCon. They turned out to be a fantastic tool and your technicians Rick & David were amazing as usual! They had me all setup with a tablet to track them and I was also able to login from my own computer and even on my iPhone to keep track of my drivers. The tech is very impressive and was extremely helpful. Appreciate you and the guys going the extra mile to make this happen for us. Look forward to whatever is in store next!

Sam Scott, Production Coordinator


I’m still riding the high I feel from the job unbelievably good job you all did on Syfy Live From Comic-Con.

I have told previous staffs they were the best and they were at the time. However, you all have blown every other staff & crew away. You were creative, smart, hardworking, resilient, tireless, warm, helpful, passionate, willing to try new ways of doing things and truly remarkable in every way. And throughout it all you bonded and were kind and helpful to each other. I’m humbled and kind of in awe because I have never seen it before in (all) the years I have been in TV.

I’m so very grateful I got to work with you. And I am extremely thankful for your commitment to making the show the success it was.

You should feel proud because everyone—the host, the network and the studio loved it. You all stepped up to deliver on what they’d hoped for. And our ratings were solid building from Thursday to Friday (Saturday not in yet) plus social engagement that grew +79% from show #1 to show #2 due largely to people watching clips on YouTube!

Thank you!

Corin Nelson, Executive Producer

SyFy Live from Comic-Con

The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) awarded a contract to MRA to furnish, install and provide ongoing radio communication services for our fleet of 217 paratransit and minibus vehicles. You have been very responsive to every challenge and your proactive approach to adding system resources is appreciated. Our radio project was a large and complex scope of work that required close coordination. MRA has delivered, as promised, a highly reliable two-way radio system with better area coverage, better voice quality and more additional features than our previous system. The dedication and the technical expertise of your staff are noteworthy and greatly appreciated.

Jim Byrne, Director of Transit Operations

Metropolitan Transit System San Diego, CA

I want to take a moment to thank you for submitting the Kenwood rebate on MTS’s behalf. It was a pleasant surprise that you thought to submit for us. The service has been great. We had a number of calls in the beginning of our contract to work out bugs—each and every time MRA was responsive and worked very closely and tirelessly to address them. Thanks so much for all of your efforts and service.

Todd Lordson, Manager Paratransit Services

San Diego Transit Corporation

For over 13 years your firm has successfully provided radio service for Access which have been a key aspect in our management and delivery of transportation to our disabled riders in Los Angeles County.

F. Scott Jewell Access Services

El Monte, CA

Your company has been a tremendous asset in establishing the integrity of radio communications for the safety of corporate executives, high school students, and special events that I do protective work for. Your reliability and courteous services makes it a pleasure doing business with you.

Richard Horn, Owner

Horn Executive Protection Service Anaheim, CA

The radios are honestly as clear as, if not clearer than, our cell phones. We’ve all been astonished at the signal strength in most areas where we have no cell coverage at all. Although there are a few deadspots (the middle of downtown Los Angeles), which can be expected, we are all very happy with the equipment. It keeps us connected, but most of all safe doing what we do.

Howard Raishbrook, President

RMG News & Entertainment

MRA has once again contributed to our success by providing an outstanding radio communications system in support of the Summer Games Committee of the Special Olympics. Over 120 radios were used during the Summer Games.The communications system featured a repeater-supported network of handheld radios, base stations and mobile units.”

The result of your dedicated support, including your experienced personnel, produced an effective and user-friendly system. The ability to communicate from one committee to the next was particularly effective. The Summer Games represents the culminating effort of thousands of athletes, coaches and volunteers, and I am proud to say that no one was disappointed.

Thank you for making my job and that of many others much easier. Congratulations for a job well done.

David A. Dill, Manager

Chapter Games <br />Special Olympics of Southern California<br /> Culver City, CA

I want to thank the staff at MRA for assisting Norwalk Transit in the process of implementing our Two-Way Radio Project. The process was made more difficult because as a city, Norwalk did not have the means to acquire its own radio frequencies and repeaters, since the FCC could not grant interference free channels. MRA was the only company that could provide us with a clear digital radio network, providing clean communications throughout our service area. With the help from MRA, we operate voice communications with computer aided dispatch capability. The service and teamwork that we have received from the experienced staff has been very helpful.

James C. Parker, Director of Transportation

City of Norwalk, CA

The work that you and your team pulled off was greatly appreciated. Your persistence helped to bring it all together – the repair techs made quick work of a sizeable undertaking. You have an excellent team that proved to be extremely competent in getting the work done.

Thank you again for the service work performed on our trucks.

Steve Lode, Senior Operations Manager

Southern California Materials Division <br />CALPORTLAND COMPANY Glendora, CA

My partners and I are grateful to have reliable means to communicate seamlessly during daily operations. The radios have not only improved our ability to meet the needs of the community with our food program but also during ministerial functions at church. Overall we are extremely happy and look forward to a lasting partnership with you. God Bless.

The Venerable Rev. Antonio P. Herndon Sr.

First Assistant to the Diocese of Jubilee <br />Senior Pastor, Miracle Center Church <br />Long Beach, CA

I am writing to  convey my appreciation for the recent installation of the repeater equipment to address the issues we were experiencing with radio reliability in the challenging topography in the region some of our units service surrounding Topanga State Park. As has been the case in years I have worked with you and Raycom, you have aways ensured that our technical issues and service needs are met in a timely, complete and professional manner.


Arin Sias

Captian, ACS Security

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