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Tales From the Radio Shop

The stories that we tell are true.  The names were changed to protect the innocent.

Jack Webb Joe Friday Dragnet 1957

Jack Webb as Joe Friday in Dragnet

   ” Just the facts…Ma’am”


In any business, there are interesting stories that occur in the ordinary course of business.  Each business has different stories to tell, some of which would curl your hair, shock you or make you appreciate some of the obstacles that we have to overcome to perform our job of maintaining your radio system or make you wonder how the human race has continued.  Other stories make you understand that the law of natural selection exists to improve the gene pool, otherwise the human condition would not improve over time.

Whether the story is extreme or more mundane, they give you an appreciation for some of the things that MRA has done over time.  We are fortunate that none of our personnel have been killed or seriously injured, but there have been instances when we have wondered about some of the people with whom we have come into contact during the ordinary course of business.  Sometimes, we have gone to the extreme to get our customers back on the air by risking our lives in a dangerous situation.

Please enjoy the stories below


Jack Of All Trades


The Fat Cloud Escapade

The Development of Cajon Mtn. Lookout

Tower work at Mt. Lukens During a Lightning Storm

Bithlo Tower Trunking system

The Mobile Repair

Starkey Road Tower Installation

Barnett Bank Building Installation

System Install in China

Mobile Installation in a Pickup Truck

Servicing a Motorola Radio

Grizzly Peak Trunked Radio system

Saving Private (Citizen) Ryan

The Data System Repair

A Challenging Repeater Installation

A Shaky Day at Santiago Peak

Repeater Installation in Shoshone California

Installation at Cerro Gordo

Installation at the Westin Monaché

Installation at Conway Summit

Installation at Casa Diablo

Connecting the Westin Monaché

The Raccoon

Installation at Mazourka Peak

The Mt. Lukens Building

Stuck at Conway Summit

The Landslide on Mount Lukens

Two Days in February And Then Some

A Trip to Washington DC and Gettysburg

The Missed Airplane Flight

The WISP Connection

A Trip to Sunrise Mountain

Baker to Vegas 2022

The Paramount Issue

The Paramount Tower

The Prank

The DMV Prank

Two Mountaintops in One Day

A Trip to Tejon Mountain

Installation in Bishop

The Lost Trunking License

Installation at Lincoln Peak Part 1

Installation at Lincoln Peak Part Deux

Installation at Lincoln Peak Part 3

Installation at Lincoln Peak Part 4

The Winter Damage at Mazourka Peak

Installation at Box Springs

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