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Radio Codes

Long Range Radio Systems


Radio Codes

900 Codes

10 Codes

900 Radio Silence 10-1 Receiving Poorly
901 Accident 10-2 Receiving Clearly
904 Message Received 10-3 Radio Check
908 Out of Service 10-4 Message Received
909 In Service 10-6 Busy
910 Prowler 10-7 Out of Service
910A Prowler Still On Scene 10-8 In Service
911 Vehicle Stop 10-9 Repeat Last Message
912 Suspicious Person 10-10 Off Duty
916 Domestic 10-11 Send Back Up
917 Drinking In Public 10-13 Emergency Back Up
918 Person Screaming for Help 10-15 Prisoner
922 Drunk Person 10-15X Female Prisoner
923 Stand By 10-18 Report Information Needed
924 Go to Station 10-19 Return to Base
926 Your Location 10-20 Location
927 Repeat Your Last Transmission 10-21 Phone Call
935 Registration Inquiry 10-22 Cancel Last Message
936 Stolen Vehicle Inquiry 10-23 Stand By
937 Wanted Person Inquiry 10-27 Check License Status
938 Cancel 10-28 Check Registration Status
939 Wanted Use Caution 10-29 Check for Wants / Warrants
940 Meet Officer At … 10-33 Emergency Radio Traffic Only
945 Ambulance Needed 10-34 Cancel 10-33
946 Tow Truck Needed 10-36 Confidential Information Follows
947 Fire Truck Needed 10-36A Use CAUTION – Suspect Has Aids or Other Dangerous Disease
950 Take a Report 10-36M Suspect Has Misdemeanor Warrant
971 Be On The Lookout For … 10-36F Suspect Has Felony Warrant
999 Officer Needs Help 10-97 Arriving at Assignment
10-98 Assignment Complete
Walkie Talkie

11 Codes

11-10 Take A Report
11-19 In Route To Station
11-41 Ambulance Needed
11-44 Dead Body (Human or Animal)
11-48 Suspicious Vehicle
11-55 Suspicious Person
11-57 Provide Transportation
11-80 Accident With Major Injuries
11-81 Accident With Minor Injuries
11-82 Accident With Property Damage
11-83 Accident No Details
11-85 Tow Truck Needed
11-98 Meet Officer

Other Codes

A.D.W. Assault With A Deadly Weapon
A.K.A. Also Known As
A.O.D. Assist Other Department
B.A. Burglar Alarm
B.A.C. Blood Alcohol Content
B & E Breaking & Entering
B.O.L. Be On the Lookout for …
C.A.D. computer Aided Dispatching
C.C.W. Carry Concealed Weapon
C.H.P. California Highway Patrol
C.L.E.T.S. California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
C.O.N. Call Of Nature (restroom break)
C.V.C California Vehicle Code
C.P. Command Post
C.R.A.S.H. Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums
C.Y.A. California Youth Authority / Cover Your @$$
D.O.A. Dead On Arrival
D.O.B. Date Of Birth
D.O.J. Department of Justice
D.L. Driver’s License
D.P.S. Department of Public Safety
D.U.I. Driving Under the Influence
D.W.I. Driving While Intoxicated (obsolete)
E.M.T. Emergency Medical Technician
E.O.W. End of Watch (death or off duty)
E.P.O. Emergency Protection Order
E.T.A. Estimated Time of Arrival
F.I. Field Interview / Field Interrogation
F.L.I.R. Forward Looking Infra Red
F.S.T. Field Sobriety Test
F.T.A. Failure To Appear (In Court)
F.Y.I. For Your Information
G.B.H. Great Bodily Harm
G.B.I. Great Bodily Injury
G.O.A Gone On Arrival
G.S.W. Gun Shot Wound
G.T.A. Grand Theft Auto
H.B.D Has Been Drinking (Alcohol)
H & S Illegal Narcotics / Drugs
I.C.C. Incident Command Center I.C. with FEMA
M.O. Motus Operandi (Method of Operation)
M.V.A. Motor Vehicle Accident
N.C.I.C. National Crime Information Center
O.C. Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)
O.I C. Officer In Charge
P.A.S. Preliminary Alcohol Screener
P.C. Penal Code / Probable Cause
P.I.T. Pursuit Intervention Technique (Maneuver)
P.N.O. Planned Non Operation (Motor Vehicle)
P.O.P. Team Problem Orientated Policing (Normally An Anti-Gang Team)
R.O. Registered Owner
R.P. Reporting Person
S.W.A.T. Special Weapons & Tactics
T.A. Traffic Accident
T.C. Traffic Collision
V.C. Vehicle Code (CVC)
Code 1 Respond At Your Convenience
Code 2 Respond Immediately
Code 3 Respond to Emergency!
Code 4 No Further Assistance Needed
Code 5 Stake Out
Code 6 Coffee Break
Code 7 Meal Break
Code 8 Officer’s Residence
Code 9 Officer Needs Immediate Backup
Code 33 Emergency Radio Traffic Only
Code Blue Heart Attack
Beat Area Patrol Officer Assigned to Patrol & Answer Calls For Service
Cite Citation (Ticket)
Crank Term for Methamphetamine (Meth, Speed, Ice)
Hook Tow Truck
K-9 Dog
Land Shark Guard Dog
Wire Concealed Microphone

Amateur Radio Q Codes

Code Question Answer, Advice or Command
QRG What is my exact frequency? Your frequency is _____ KHz.
QRH Does my frequency drift? Your frequency does drift.
QRI How is the tone of my transmission? The tone of your transmission is (1) Good, (2) Variable, (3) Bad.
QRJ Are you receiving me poorly?  Are my signals weak? Reception is poor.
QRK What is my legibility? (1 – 5) Legibility is _____.  (Range of 1-bad to 5-perfect)
QRL Are you busy? I am busy or busy with _____.
QRM Are you receiving interference? I am receiving interference.
QRN Are you receiving static? I am receiving static.
QRO Do I need more power? Increase power.
QRP Should I decrease power? Decrease power
QRQ Should I send (code) faster? Send faster at ___ W.P.M.
QRS Should I send (code) slower? Send slower at ___ W.P.M
QRT Should I quit? Quit – Off the air.
QRU Do you have anything for me? I have nothing for you.
QRV Are you ready? I am ready.
QRW Should I advise _____ that you are calling him on _____ KHz Please advise _____ that I am on _____KHz.
QRX Will you call again? I will call again at _____ hours/day on ____KHz.
QRZ Who is calling? You are being called by _____
QSA What is my signal strength (1-9) Your signal strength is _____. (1 – 9)
QSB Does my signal strength vary? Your signal strength varies.
QSD Is my code transmission good? Your keying is poor, signals bad
QSG Can I send ___ telegrams now? Send ____ telegrams now.
QSK Can I send the balance of the messages? Continue sending messages.
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt? Receipt is acknowledged.
QSM Should I repeat the last message? Repeat the last message.
QSO Can you communicate with _____? I can communicate with _____.
QSP Will you relay message to _____? I will relat message to _____.
QSV Shall I send a series of Vs? Send a series of Vs.
QSX Will you listen for _____ on _____KHz? I am listening for _____ on _____KHz.
QSY Should I change frequency? Change frequency to _____KHz.
QSZ Should I send each word (or group) twice? Send each word (or group) twice.
QTA Should I cancel message? Cancel message.
QTB Do you agree with my word count? No. I will repeat the first letter of each word & first figure of each number.
QTC How may messages do you have? I have ___ messages to be sent.
QTH What is your location? My location is _____.
QTR What is the exact time? The exact time is _____.
QST Do you have an announcement? General announcement is “………..”.
QRRR Do you have an emergency? I have an emergency.  The emergency is _____.
Other Amateur Codes
CQ Calling any station Common on HF bands
DE From Followed by the callsign

Phonetic Alphabets

Letter 1943 CCB (US-UK) NATO (Jan 1 – Feb 29, 1956) NATO (Mar 1, 1956 to Present) US Army 1916-1939 US Army 1939-1941 US Army 1941-1943 US Army 1943-1955 US Army 1955 – Present
A Able Alfa Alfa Able Afirm Afirm Able Alpha
B Baker Bravo Bravo Boy Baker Baker Baker Bravo
C Charlie Charlie Charlie Cast Cast Cast Charlie Charlie
D dog Delta Delta Dock Dog Dog Dog Delta
E Easy Echo Echo Easy Easy Easy Easy echo
F Fox Foxtrot Foxtrot Fox Fox Fox Fox Foxtrot
G George Golf Golf George George George George Golf
H How Hotel Hotel Have Hypo Hypo How Hotel
I Item India India Item Inter Inter* Item India
J Jig Juliett Juliett Jig Jig Jig Jig Juliett
K King Kilo Kilo King King King King Kilo
L Love Lima Lima Love Love Love Love Lima
M Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
N Nan Nectar November Nan Negat Negat Nan November
O Oboe Oscar Oscar Opal Option Option Oboe Oscar
P Peter Papa Papa Pup Prep Prep Peter Papa
Q Queen Quebec Quebec Quack Queen Queen Queen Quebec
R Roger romeo romeo Rush Roger Roger Roger Romeo
S Sugar Sierra Sierra Sail Sail Sail Sugar Sierra
T Tare Tango Tango Tare Tare Tare Tare Tango
U Uncle Uniform Uniform Unit Unit Unit Uncle Uniform
V Victor Victor Victor Vice Victor Victor Victor Victor
W William Whiskey Whiskey Watch William William William Whiskey
X Xray X-ray X-ray X-ray Xray Xray Xray X-ray
Y Yoke Yankee Yankee Yoke Yoke Yoke Yoke Yankee
Z Zebra Zulu Zulu Zed Zed Zed Zebra Zulu
0 Zero Zero Zero Zero
1 Wun Wun Wun Wun
2 Too Too Too Too
3 Thuh-ree Th-r-ee Th-r-ee Thuh-ree
4 Fo-wer Fo-wer Fo-wer Fo-wer
5 Fi-yiv Fi-iv Fi-yiv Fi-yiv
6 Six Siks Siks Six
7 Seven Sev-ven Sev-ven Seven
8 Ate Ate Ate Ate
9 Niner Ni-yen Ni-yen Niner
*  Interrogatory was used in lieu of “Inter” in joint Army / Navy (JAN) operations
Letter US Navy 1908 Ver A US Navy 1908 Ver B US Navy 1913-1926 US Navy 1927-1937 US Navy 1938 US Navy WWII US Navy 1956 – Present
A Actor Ash Able Afirm Afirm Afirm Alfa
B Baker Back Boy Baker Baker Baker Bravo
C Carteen Chain Cast Cast Cast Charlie Charlie
D Diver Dog Dog Dog Dog Dog Delta
E Eagle Egg Easy easy easy easy Echo
F Fisher Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Foxtrot
G gangway Gig George George George George Golf
H Halliard Horse Have Hypo Hypo How Hotel
I Insect Ice Item Int Int Int India
J Jockey Jake Jig Jig Jig Jig Juliett
K Knapsack King King King King King Kilo
L Lugger Lash Love Love Love Love Lima
M Musket Mule Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
N Neptune net Nan Negat Negat Negat November
O Oyster Oak Oboe Option Option Option Oscar
P Pistol Page Pup Prep Prep Prep Papa
Q Quadrant Quail Quack Quack Queen Queen Quebec
R Reefer Raft Rush Roger Roger Roger Romeo
S Shipmate Scout Sail Sail Sail Sugar Sierra
T Topsail Tide Tare Tare Tare Tare Tango
U Unload Use Unit Unit Unit Uncle Uniform
V Vessel Vast Vice Vice Victor Victor Victor
W Windage Winch Watch William William William Whiskey
X Xray Xray X-ray X-ray X-ray Xray X-ray
Y Yeoman Yacht Yoke Yoke Yoke Yoke Yankee
Z Zebra Zoo Zed Zed Zed Zebra Zulu
Letter Joint Army / Navy (JAN) 1941-1943 CCB    1943-1955 ICAO  1956-Present RAF   1921-1942 RAF   1942-1955 RAF   1921-1942
A Able Able Alfa Apple Able/Affirm Alfa
B Baker Baker Bravo beer Baker Bravo
C Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie
D Dog Dog Delta Don Dog Delta
E Easy Easy Echo Edward Easy Echo
F Fox Fox Foxtrot Freddie Fox Foxtrot
G george george Golf George George Golf
H How How Hotel Harry How Hotel
I Item Item India Ink Item India
J Jig Jig Juliett Jug/Johnnie Jig/Johnny Juliett
K King King Kilo King King Kilo
L Love Love Lima London Love Lima
M Mike Mike Mike Monkey Mike Mike
N Nan Nan November Nuts Nan/Nab November
O Oboe Oboe Oscar Orange Oboe Oscar
P Peter Peter Papa Pip Peter/Prep Papa
Q Queen Queen Quebec Queen Queen Quebec
R Roger Roger Romeo Robert Roger Romeo
S Sail/Sugar Sugar Sierra Sugar Sugar Sierra
T Tare Tare Tango Toc Tare Tango
U Uncle Uncle Uniform Uncle Uncle Uniform
V Victor Victor victor Vic Victor Victor
W William William Whisky William William Whiskey
X X-ray Xray X-ray X-Ray X-ray X-ray
Y Yoke Yoke Yankee Yorker Yoke Yankee
Z Zebra Zebra Zulu Zebra Zebra Zulu
0 Zero Zero Zero
1 One Wun Wun
2 Two Too Too
3 Three Thuh-ree Tree
4 Four Fo-wer Fower
5 Five Fi-yiv Fife
6 Six Six Siks
7 Seven Seven Seven
8 Eight Ate Ate
9 Nine Niner Niner
Letter British Army   1904 British Army   1914 British Army   1914-1918 British Army  1918 British Army  1956-Present Royal Navy   1914-1918 Royal Navy   1921 Royal Navy   1956 – Present
A Ack Ack Apples Ack Alfa Apples Ac Alfa
B Beer beer Butter Beer Bravo Butter Beer Bravo
C Cork C Charlie Cork charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie
D Don Don Duff Don Delta Duff Don Delta
E eddy E Edward Eddy Echo Edward Edward Echo
F Freddy F Freddie Freddy Foxtrot Freddy Fox Foxtrot
G George G George George Golf George George Golf
H Harry H Harry Harry Hotel Harry How Hotel
I Ink I Ink Ink India Ink Ink India
J Jug J Johnnie Jug Juliett Johnnie Johnnie Juliett
K King K King King Kilo King King Kilo
L London L London London Lima London Love Lima
M Emma Emma Monkey Emma Mike Monkey Monkey Mike
N Nuts N Nuts Nuts November Nuts Nan November
O Orange O Orange Orange Oscar Orange Orange Oscar
P Pip Pip Pudding Pip Papa Pudding Pip Papa
Q Quad Q Queenie Quad Quebec Queenie Queen Quebec
R Robert R Robert Rovert Romeo Robert Robert Romeo
S Esses Esses Sugar Esses Sierra Sugar Sugar Sierra
T Toc Toc Tommy Toc Tango Tommy Toc Tango
U Uncle U Uncle Uncle Uniform Uncle Uncle Uniform
V Vic Vic Vinegar Vic Victor Vinegar Vic Victor
W William W William William Whisky William William Whisky
X Xerxes X X-Ray Xerxes X-ray Xerxes X-ray X-ray
Y Uellow Y Yorker Yellow Yankee Yellow Yoke Yankee
Z Zebra Zed Zebra Zebra Zulu Zebra Zebra Zulu
Letter NATO Phonic APCO   1941 APCO   1967 LAPD CHP LV       MPD APCO   1974 ICAO   Present
A Alpha Al Fah Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Alpha Alfa
B Bravo Brah Voh Boy Boy Boy Boy Baker Bravo Bravo
C Charlie Char Lee Charles Charles Charles Charles Charlie Charlie Charlie
D Delta Dell Tah David David David David David Delta Delta
E Echo Eck Oh Edward Edward Edward Edward Easy Echo Echo
F Foxtrot Foks Trot Frank Frank Frank Frank Frank Foxtrot Foxtrot
G Golf Golf George George George George George Golf Golf
H Hotel Hoh Tell Henry Henry Henry Henry Henry Hotel Hotel
I India In Dee Ah Ida Ida Ida Ida Ida India India
J Juliett Jew Lee Ett John John John John John Juliett Juliett
K Kilo Key Loh King King King King King Kilo Kilo
L Lima Lee Mah Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lima Lima
M Mike Mike Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mike Mike
N November No Vember Nora Nora Nora Nora Nora November November
O Oscar Oss Cah Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean Oscar Oscar
P Papa Pah Pah Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Papa Papa
Q Quebec Keh Beck Queen Queen Queen Queen Queen Quebec Quebec
R Romeo Row Me Oh Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Romeo Romeo
S Sierra See Airrah Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sierra Sierra
T Tango Tang Oh Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tango Tango
U Uniform You Nee Form Union Union Union Union Union Uniform Uniform
V Victor Vik Tah Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor
W Whiskey Wiss Key William William William William William Whiskey Whiskey
X X-ray Ecks Ray Xray X-ray X-ray X-ray X-ray Xray X-ray
Y Yankee Yang Kee Young Young Young Yellow Yellow Yankee Yankee
Z Zulu Zoo Loo Zebra Zebra Zebra Zebra Zebra Zulu Zulu
0 ZERO Zero Zero
1 WUN One Wun
2 TOO Two Too
3 TH-R-EE Three Tree
4 FO-WER Four Fower
5 FIE-YIV Five Five
6 SIKS Six Six
7 SEV-VEN Seven Seven
8 ATE Eight Eight
9 NI-YEN Niner Niner




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