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Education AdministratorsBoth public and private education facilities need reliable radio communications with unique challenges to achieving that goal.  Most schools are either large facilities that exceed the ability of simplex radios to reliably communicate or they have multiple campuses that have a need to be in communications with each other.  Education has a multitude of uses for radio communications which include:

  • Administration radios over the entire school district
  • Maintenance radios over the entire school district
  • Bus transportation with needs for the entire school district and having the ability to communicate over large areas to facilitate interschool district athletic events
  • IT radios over the entire school district
  • Food service radios over the local campus and sometimes to the food service director who may be at district HQ
  • Security radios over the entire school district
  • Operations radios over the entire school district
  • High school radios over the school campus*
  • Middle school radios over the school campus*
  • Elementary school radios over the school campus*
  • Often the schools want to be able to communicate with other school groups.

These functions can often be accomplished by simplex operation

School radios are used for all the above issues and more.  Each district has their unique needs, issues, challenges and requirements.  Reliable communications are needed to facilitate school lockdowns, maintenance issues with facilities, new construction, reconstruction, installation of new technology, student transportation, security and more.

Click here to view presentation on The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), and the Department of Transportation (DOT)  regarding the use of cellular devices in your vehicles.

All these needs can be accommodated by our Digi-Talk network to provide reliable on site communications within the district and reliable wide area communications over Southern California.  Often school district personnel would benefit from being able to take their radio home to facilitate communications with other personnel who are on the job working.  This is easily accomplished with Diga-Talk while it could be difficult to impossible to accomplish with any network that could be purchased and installed by a school district.

Click here to view an interactive presentation on Communications Solutions for Education. There are many interactive features in the presentation by clicking on the arrows.

Try our Diga-Talk radios with the following great features:

  • Loud and clear quality audio that can be heard under loud noise conditions with Kenwood’s noise reduction technology
  • Quick access to your personnel – connection time is typically 1.0 second or less
  • GPS tracking can tell you where your crew are located
  • Eliminate the distraction and illegal use of cellular while driving
  • Eliminate the liability of cellular use while driving
  • The liability associated with a driver getting into an accident while using a cellular device can cost a company far in excess the cost of a two-way radio system


In larger educational facilities, a central dispatch is often required.  MRA dba Raycom has many solutions that will significantly enhance your central dispatch.  Products such as RadioPro which provides a centralized dispatch, add many key features such as call logging and voice recording and can allow your key personnel to access to your radio system from their cellular phone Application Focus on Education

Remember the 3 rules of making money in real estate, Location, Location and Location.  The 3 Cs of radio communications are Coverage, Coverage and more Coverage.  Our customers demand coverage.  Every school district has their own need for coverage which is never exactly the same as another school district.  By providing more coverage in Southern California than any other radio company, we can provide solutions when the others can’t do it.  By adding a network site within your district, we can provide the best of both worlds.  Read more…

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