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Key Company Personnel

Mark J. Abrams – Mark is the President and one of the founders of MRA. He has been involved in Land Mobile Radio since 1968 as a technician, system engineer and business owner. He’s led system installations in Florida and San Francisco for Nextel, and has installed NEXEDGE networks in Southern California and in the Denver, Colorado areas. Mark has designed and installed DAS systems, master antenna systems and worked for a GE authorized radio dealer during the 1970s. Mark is an expert in the field of FCC licensing and has been nationally recognized by the FCC in many of the Commission legal proceedings including discovering unused spectrum (that was laying fallow nationwide) that the FCC put into use for the land mobile community as a result of his work.

Dave Peters – Dave is a field engineer and system administrator of MRA’s digital network. Dave has worked at MRA for twenty-four years. He has been involved in Land Mobile Radio for fifty-one years as a technician and system engineer.

Joyce Barishman – Joyce is the Sales Manager of MRA. She has worked at MRA for thirty years. She has been involved in Land Mobile Radio for thirty-six years.

Mark Lidikay – Mark is a network engineer. Mark has worked at MRA for four years. For the past 30 years, Mark Lidikay has served as a senior network engineer, programmer and computer/network systems integrator. He has extensive experience with master antenna systems, cable TV systems, DAS systems, locating radio interference, amateur radio, test equipment repair, general electronics design, electronic troubleshooting, electronic repair and logic systems.

David Bensema – David is MRA’s senior system installation technician. David has worked at MRA for thirty years. David is responsible for construction and maintenance of MRA’s site infrastructure which consists of over 60 sites.

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