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TK-2212LK VHF & TK-3212LK UHF Portable Radios

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The Kenwood series of TK-2212LK & TK-3212LK portable radio products has many features to provide you with the ability to excel the performance of the radio system.  With excellent battery life, the radio will out perform the competition at any comparable price.

TK-2212L & 3212L Basic Portable Radio

The TK-2212LK & TK-3212LK series portable radio is Kenwood’s low tier compact analog radio which has all the features you need in an analog radio.  This radio has a wealth of robust features including a frequency range of 136-174MHz VHF & 450-490MHz or 470-512MHz UHF, 128 channels per radio, 128 zones.  The radio is capable of the following modes of operation: analog simplex, analog conventional repeater.  Other features include, large 8 character backlit LCD display, status LCD icons, multi-color status LEDs, renowned KENWOOD audio quality,  5W VHF, 4W UHF, 500mW speaker audio, companded audio per channel, VOX, TOT, busy channel lockout, LCD status indicator, low battery alert, battery saver, LCD battery status indicator, wireless cloning, caller ID display, 4 programmable front keys, 2 programmable side keys, flash firmware upgrades, DTMF encode and decode, 12.5KHz & 25KHz channels, status messaging, conventional zones, FleetSync PTT ID Digital ANI, QT, DQT, operator selectable tone, scan and built in inversion scrambler.

Kenwood Two Way Radio Users V

There is a wide selection of portable radio accessories available for the radio which is depicted below.

TK-2212L & 3212L Portable Accessories


TK-2212 & TK-3212 Radio Products



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