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NX-5200 VHF & NX-5300 UHF & NX-5400 700/800MHz P25 Portable Radios

P25 Portable Radios

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P25 LogoThe Kenwood series of NX-5000 portable radio products has features, features and more features to provide you with the ability to excel the performance of the radio system.  With excellent battery life and battery management capability, the radio system will out perform the competition for any comparable price.

NX-5200 & NX-5300 & NX-5400 P25 Portable Radios

NX-5000 portable 2 way radio

The NX-5200 & NX-5300 & NX-5400 series portable radio is Kenwood’s newer digital trunking radio which has all the features available in digital radios.  This radio has a wealth of robust features including (optional) Bluetooth and, built in GPS which can use the MRA Diga-Talk Network to show the location of your personnel while working in an outdoor environment.  The radio is capable of the following modes of operation: analog simplex, analog conventional repeater, analog LTR trunking, digital simplex, DMR simplex, DMR repeater, DMR trunking Tier II, P25 conventional simplex and repeater, P25 trunking phase 1 and phase II, digital conventional repeater and digital NEXEDGE networking, but only 2 of the 3 digital protocols can be programmed into the radio for use at the same time.  Radio features include mixed digital & analog FM operation, large color TFT display, easy to follow GUI for status, multiline text, 4-way D-pad and 2-position lever switch, renowned KENWOOD audio quality with active ANR noise reduction, built in DES 56-bit encryption, optional AES 256-bit encryption, motion sensor, microSD NX-5000 Triangle of Features NXDN FM Analog DMR P25memory slot, 6W VHF, 5W UHF, 3W 700/800MHz, 1024 channels, 128 zones, 4000 channel option, 1W speaker audio, dual-slot direct mode, call interruption, talk group ID lists, individual ID lists, caller ID display, remote monitor, remote check, radio inhibit, encryption key zeroize & retention, 6.25 & 12.5KHz channels, over the air alias, over the air programming, paging call, emergency call, all group call, status messaging, remote stun, remote kill, remote check, short & long data messages, NXDN digital scrambler, conventional & LTR zones, NPSPAC channels, FleetSync, MDC-1200, QT, DQT and built in inversion scrambler.

Battery Management System

The intelligent battery management system takes the problem of managing large fleets of portable radio batteries.  Each battery contains a chip that talks to the battery charger which communicates with the local computer to collect the data.  The local computer communicates through the internet cloud to the main computer station which allows the intelligent battery management system to know the condition of each battery in the fleet.  This significantly reduces the problems with portable radios by knowing when batteries are degrading so that they can be replaced before they impact the integrity of the radio fleet.  Battery issues are the single largest problem in portable radio fleets, so this tool allows proper management to increase productivity and reliability.

The following are accessories for the NX-5000 Portable Radios:

NX-5000 Portable Accessories

NX-5200 & 5300 & 5400 Product Accessory Brochure

NX-5000 Radio Products Catalog


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