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Mt Wilson

Site Name: Mt Wilson
Latitude: 034 13 33.5N 34.2259722
Longitude: 118 04 01.5W -118.0670833
  Feet Meters
Ground Elevation: 5652 1,722.7
Support Structure Height: 30 9.1
Height With Appurtences: 50 15.2
HAAT: 2786.2 849.2
Antenna Height For HAAT: 32.8 10.0
Type of Facility: Wood Frame Building & Tower
Address: Mt Wilson Circle
City: Pasadena
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Existing Callsign: WQKR933
Backup Generator: None
Backup Battery: None
Temp Control: Air Cond
Cable Entry: Custom
Method of Cable Attachment: Wire Ties
Method of Antenna Mounting: Existing Crossarms
Security: Alarm
Land Owner: USFS

Site Coverage: This site provides excellent coverage of Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Southern San Fernando Valley, Orange County. Television transmitters for the Los Angeles Metropolitan area are located on Mount Wilson.

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