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Distributed Antenna Systems:

Los Angeles

Distributed Antenna Systems have a number of practical uses. They can be used to extend the coverage of Fire Department, Police, Cellular phone, and other two way radio systems.

By adding a DAS, ‘dead zones’ may be eliminated as a result of better line-of-sight, reducing fade and noise

In concert with a DAS, signal boosters may be used for Fire Departments, Police Departments, and other two-way radio systems. Distributed Antenna Systems in Los Angeles are known as ‘Emergency Responder Radio System’ or ERSS. This type of solution penetrates buildings, lower levels of buildings and is critical to public safety.

Due to changing terrain, topology, and buildings, each system must be specified and custom designed to meet the unique needs of each environment.

Distributed Antenna Systems are common in urban areas like Los Angeles where buildings are fairly tall, and have underground areas which limit the reach of many radio systems.

There are many ways to overcome ‘dead spots’ but depending on your needs, Distributed Antenna Systems, Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Repeaters may be needed to provide coverage See More….

Consult one of our engineers so we can build out an appropriate solution at a fair price.

When you are tasked with locating a company to help you with a Distributed Antenna System in Los Angeles or areas in southern California, give us a call @ 800-822-3500 and our trained staff will help decide on the right solution to fit your needs.

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