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FCC Licensing Consultation:

Los Angeles

FCC licensing is a complex subject that is ever changing in both the regulatory framework and the license landscape which creates challenges on a daily basis.

MRA is one of the leading experts in FCC licensing, having blazed the trail for many others who have followed our footsteps and found success with the ideas that they got from MRA.

As a result, FCC Licensing Consultation is a service we provide to help you cut through the red tape.

Having the proper FCC license is the life blood of your radio system, knowledge of the regulations that govern the use of the airwaves is essential to license, operate and maintain radio systems.

Filing for a FCC license is a 3 stage process:

Step 1: Fill out the form for the type of radio system that is desired.
Step 2: Submit the application for frequency coordination.
Step 3: Submit the completed application to the FCC for license grant.

Even though the steps may sound simple, there can be a lot of work and research for step 1 and step 2.

Once the application is submitted to the FCC for step 3, there can be a lot of work if the FCC returns the application for corrections. Some corrections can be handled in a few minutes while other corrections can involve days of work to resolve complex problems.

Few radio users have any knowledge or sufficient knowledge of FCC licensing, so having someone who handles your licensing issues on your behalf is essential. See More….

Companies that need FCC Licensing Consultation in Los Angeles, and areas in southern California should give us a call.

We are here for you to help you get the most out of what you have, to obtain authorization for what you need, to help you keep what you have, to advise you on what direction you need to aim and to help you get there. 

When you are tasked with locating an Event Radio Rentals company in Los Angeles or areas in southern California, give us a call @ 800-822-3500 and our trained staff will help decide on the right solution to fit your needs.

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