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Hollywood Hills

Site Name: Hollywood Hills
Latitude: 034 06 30N 34.1083333
Longitude: 118 22 52.3W -118.3811944
  Feet Meters
Ground Elevation: 1381 420.9
Support Structure Height: 60 18.3
Height With Appurtences: 80 24.4
HAAT: 838.9 255.7
Antenna Height For HAAT: 60.0 18.3
Type of Facility: Wood Frame Building & Poles
Address: 2050 Cyprean Drive
City: Los Angeles
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Existing Callsign: WPSS692
Backup Generator: None
Backup Battery: 240Ah
Temp Control: Air Cond
Cable Entry: Custom
Method of Cable Attachment: Wire Ties
Method of Antenna Mounting: Wooden Crossarms
Security: Cameras
Land Owner: Private

Drone video of Hollywood Hills Tower Site

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