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Palos Verdes

Site Name: Palos Verdes
Latitude: 033 45 27.1N 33.7575278
Longitude: 118 21 40.3W -118.3611944
  Feet Meters
Ground Elevation: 1315 400.8
Support Structure Height: 30 9.1
Height With Appurtences: 52.5 16.0
HAAT: 1076.4 328.1
Antenna Height For HAAT: 45.9 14.0
Type of Facility: Wood Frame Building & Tower
Address: Palos Verdes Penninsula
City: Rancho Palos Verdes
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Existing Callsign: WQLA446
Backup Generator: 17KW Generac
Backup Battery: 1500Ah
Temp Control: Air Cond
Cable Entry: Cord Grips
Method of Cable Attachment: Strut & MRA Clamps
Method of Antenna Mounting: Existing Crossarms
Security: Alarm
Land Owner: Private

Site Coverage: This site provides coverage of the Southbay, Los Angeles, Orange County

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