How We Do It For You


The personality of MRA is one of sincere care for the customer's needs. It is a time honored tradition
that demands the highest quality materials and workmanship in all that they provide. It is a
personality that goes to the top of the mountain in search of total customer satisfaction. With over 85
combined years of experience in customer service and electronic technology, the MRA Team has moved
against sub-standard communications by providing services on a much more stringent scale.

This company is founded on the belief that superior communications begin with listening to the
customer and learning of their needs. When you make the decision to find a radio dispatch service that
has focused on the details that ensure maximum up-time for efficient, economical communications,
MRA will be ready. These are some of the advantages we offer to you:

Multisite service for pennies more than a single site!

Battery, generator and patented repeater back-up keeps you up and running during all hours!

Knowledgeable personnel are on hand to answer all your questions. They are empowered to satisfy any concern you might have!

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Phone: (323) 636-5202