The Founding of Mobile Relay Associates, Inc.

Mobile Relay Associates (MRA)

Was founded by two extraordinarily gifted electronics devotees in 1978. Mark Abrams and Loren Marks launched the company with a burning desire to provide quality two-way communications services in an industry where attention to detail was becoming a lost art.


Mark grew up with a passion for the mysteries and wonders of electronics. His obsession was nurtured by his family with a weekly addition to his miniature tool collection and Heath Kits. The Heath Kit was the remarkable cornerstone upon which electronic genius was founded. The hobbyist built radios out of pieces of wire and bits of this and that and his learning was stimulated at the most fundamental level. Radio entrepreneurs of this background are now a rare commodity since the Heath Kit has, unfortunately, been replaced by "modular" equipment. If something goes wrong with a "module" you can just send it back to the factory and get another "module". However, nobody knows what's inside a module except the engineer at the factory.


Mark cut his teeth on radios and began a sales and service business in his bedroom. He became involved with radio system experiments, innovations, transmitter hunts, amateur radio and all the other natural progressions a radio fanatic goes through. Mark's love for radios caused him to store up a wealth of knowledge and to develop an insistence for perfection. In this drive for perfection, methodical and detailed handling of problems and solutions became second nature.


He soon met Loren, an equally dedicated fellow with a similar background, and the two set to work on a business plan. Mark and Loren were very frustrated with selling high quality radio systems then being forced to hand their customers over to a relay operator that displayed none of the same devotion to quality that motivated these two dedicated radio engineers. "What's the use of going the extra mile to build a system designed to run flawlessly when there are practically no relay operators that share the standards that are second nature to us?" was the general feeling. That questioning process eventually led to the founding of Mobile Relay Associates, Inc.


Those two boys, now grown, are the motive power and standard bearers of MRA. They insist on excellence in every facet of operation from design and installation to back-up systems. That is the crux and thrust of MRA. There is no limit to the thought that goes into the multi­faceted operation of radio performance, radio sites and towers, radio coverage, radio dependability and radio capability options that MRA does not thoroughly investigate and implement. MRA is the industry definition of "dependability."

By Leonard Abrams
(proud father and happy disciple)


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