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Baker to Vegas Instructions

This video will answer many questions about the setup and operation of the radios for B2V

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Communications guide for B2V

Distorted or dropped signal

The signal level at various places on the course can vary. If you have one of the mag mount antennas, make sure it is outside, on the roof of the vehicle. If you are using a portable (HT) getting the antenna outside the vehicle will help. There is a signal meter on the display that will help you find a “hot spot” There are many repeater stations along the course, but radio waves are still line of sight. An unobstructed view improves the signal.

No Power

The most common cause on a mobile is that a fuse has been blown. There is a fuse in the power cable of the radio, but more commonly the fuse on the power jack of the car has been blown. Often this is due to plugging multiple accessories in to the car until the circuit overloads. The car fuse is likely in the vehicle fuse panel.

For portables the most likely cause is a dead battery.

If you need assistance contact us.

Portable (HT) radio beeping randomly or restarting on transmit

The typical cause for this is a dead battery. A fresh one should remedy this issue.

Can’t talk to the other teams

Your radios are programed to an exclusive channel for your team. None of the other teams can hear it. For communication with the other teams use your FRS radio programed to 3-18

Coverage problem

There are some known weak spots. The Chicago valley between stage 8 and 9 and the mountains past Pahrump may have coverage issues. Mobile radios will have better performance in these areas, and watching the signal meter on the display for a hot spot will help. Getting the antenna outside in the clear will also help.

Finding Help

We are out on the course as well. You can call us on our cell phones. Keep in mind that the cell phones have limitations, so if you don’t reach us, leave a message with your team number, location and what the problem is. You can also email. The chat engine here is an AI. It can answer some questions, and it will let us know about the problem. It is only a machine though and will sometimes make errors, though it does do surprisingly well at times. Of course Sasquatch is quick to tell you he doesn’t really know much about radios.

If you contact us, we have spare batteries, parts, radios and can make repairs. Help stations are at the beginning of the race, and in Pahrump. We put out signs to make ourselves visible.

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