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The following is an example of how we handle a large event:

  • Find out how the event operates.
  • Who are the key personnel
  • What are the channel requirements
  • What are the names of all of the channels
  • Who needs to be able to make calls across multiple channels
  • Who needs to be able to make announcements across all channels
  • Any other pertinent details

As the event time approaches, the installation of the repeater system requires the following tasks:

  • Identifying the location for placement of the repeaters for the event.
  • Modifying the FCC license if required.  We normally do not have to modify our licenses as we have planned for temporary locations on our exclusive frequencies.
  • Installing the system prior to arrival of the event in town.
  • Verification the radio signal quality by field testing the radios.
  • Installing backup power to eliminate any possibility of system failure due to power outages.
  • Installing a communication link (optional, but desirable) from the repeater equipment to the communications trailer to be able to continuously monitor the health of the repeater system and to be able to remotely troubleshoot problems should they occur.

Approximately one week prior to event time, we do the following:

  • Preparing the sign out sheets with names, functions and the type of audio accessory needed.
  • Programming of the equipment so it is ready to go at the start of the event.
  • Verify operation of the equipment before arrival at the site.
  • Preparing a tri-fold pamphlet detailing the use of the radio system (instructional brochure)

The handling of the radios and management of the radio system during the event is another critical phase of concern.  The following list is indicative of the various different tasks that are required:

  • Set up communications trailer and pop up tent in the location determined by management to facilitate the quick handout and collection of equipment.
  • Setting up the radios with the proper accessories prior to the arrival of the personnel wanting the radios to minimize their time obtaining the equipment.
  • Routinely testing the repeater systems multiple times each day to verify operation.
  • Sign out of each radio and accessory to the personnel to keep track of who has the equipment.  Accountability breeds responsibility and reduces lost equipment which is not included in the rental price.
  • Charging the batteries and having charged spare batteries available for immediate swap out for dead batteries.
  • Keeping an eye out for personnel with dead or weak batteries and changing them before they go dead.
  • Instructing each person on the proper use of the radio.  Explain all of the features of the radio and how they are used in a clear and concise manner that can be done quickly so as not to inconvenience or unreasonably delay personnel from getting to their jobs.  The radio is supposed to be a useful tool, not a burden to the users.
  • Identify critical times during the show when failure is not an option.  Send a person around with spare batteries to insure that no batteries will go dead during critical times on show days.

After the event is over, the collection of the equipment and the tear down of the tent and trailer is another important task.  Premature tear down of the repeater system will hamper the use of the radio system which cannot be allowed.  Proper check in procedures will need to be followed to account for each radio that was signed out.  When sign out and sign in procedures are properly handled, then any missing equipment can be readily identified so that the person who failed to return the equipment can be identified and contacted to get the equipment returned.  This will significantly reduce lost / missing equipment which reduces your operating costs because any lost or missing equipment will incur late fees or being charged for lost equipment.

When all of the equipment has been turned in, then the repeater system can be removed from its location by our personnel.

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