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Radio Tower Site – Jal II, Jal, Lea South County, New Mexico

Jal II

This is not an MRA Owned Site. For space rental contact the site owner.

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Site Coverage:    Coverage of Jal, Teague, Johnson, Maypens, Eunice, Jones City, Warren, Hobbs, Air Base City, State Line, Paynes Corner, Seminole, Florey, Frankel City, Lovington, Buckeye, Arkansas Junction, Monument, Oil Center, Knowles, Hillburn City, Allred, Denver City, Ochoa, Baird Place, Medlin Place, Andrews Place, Jal, Coyote Corner, Turnbaugh Corner, Notrees, Cowden Place, Kermit, Vesrue, Magwalt, Cheyenne, Wink, Three Corner Windmill, Locker, Mann, Pecos, Barstow, Pyote, Wickett, Cotton Place, Pierce Canyon Crossing, Rose Place, Red Bluff, Robinson Arms Landing, Angeles, Orla, Harroun Crossing, Lookout Crossing, Black River Village, Whites City, Grisham Pumping Statoin, Worsham, Riverton, Mentone, Arno, Loving, Otis, Carlsbad, Four Forks, Barber Crossing, Avalon, Halfway, Loco Hills, Pen Place WIndmill

heat map radio coverage Jal II



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