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Radio Tower Site – Sourdough Hill, South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County, California

Sourdough Hill

Site Name: Sourdough Hill
Latitude: 039 01 33.1N 39.0258611
Longitude: 120 13 13.0W -120.2202778
Feet Meters
Ground Elevation: 7968.0 2428.6
HAAT: 993.9 302.94
City: South Lake Tahoe
County: El Dorado
State: California

This is not an MRA Owned Site. For space rental contact the site owner.

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Site Coverage:    Coverage of Meeks Bay, Chambers Lodge, Homewood, Idlewild, Tahoe City, Camilian Bay, Brockway, Glenbrook, Lincoln Park, Lakeridge, Skyland, Zephyr Cove, Tahoe Village, Edgewood, South Lake Tahoe, Camp Richardson, Last Chance, Zuver, McCulloh, Jones Place, Mevers, Fountain Place, Lower Forni, Claussenius, Leonardi, Campana, Faffetto, Quintette, Deer View, Old Pino, Pino Grande, Soda Springs, Spooner Junction, Dogtown, Collierville, Acampo, Clements, Galt, Mokelumne City, Walnut, Vorden, Bruceville, Franklin, Clarksburg, Centralia, Clay, Walmort, McConnel, Elk Grove, WIlton, Sheldon, Walker Landing, Oxford, Five Points, Valdez, Somoca, Greendale, Central, Yolano, Arcade, Saxon, Parkway, Freeport, Parkway, Florin, Oak Park, Sacraments, Mayhew, Swanston, Carmichael, Rancho Cordova, Mayhew, Manlove, Consunme, Del Paso Heights, Foothill Farms, North Highlands, Rio Linda, Robla, Del Paso, Foothill Farms, North Highlands, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Clarksvile, White Rock, Walltown, Fair Oaks,Roseville, Whitney, Sankey, Riego, Catlett, Trowbridge, Rio Oso, Clayton, Sheridan, Wheatland, Horstville, Ostrom, Olivehurst, Alicia, Oswald, Yuba City, Lira, Meridian, Josephine, Progress, Grimes, Hinsdale, Cranmore, Tudor, Abbott, Wilson, Trowbridge, East Nicholaus, Subaco, Millers Landing, Boyers Landing, Howells Landing, Kirkville, Robbins, Dunnigan, Zamora, Knights Landing, Zamora, Dufour, Yolo, Woodland, Conaway, Jacobs Corner, Merritt, Beatrice, Citrona

heat map radio coverage Sourdough Hill



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