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Radio Tower Site – Randsburg Loop, Randsburg, Kern County, California

Randsburg Loop

Site Name: Randsburg Loop heat map radio coverage Randsburg Loop
Latitude: 035 21 46.0N 35.3627778
Longitude: 117 38 27.0W -117.6408333
Feet Meters
Ground Elevation: 4150.3 1265.0
HAAT: 1036.7 316.0
City: Randsburg
County: Kern
State: California

Site Coverage:    Coverage of US395 from Victorville in the south and Coso Jct in the north, Johannesburg, Randsburg, Searles, Fremont, Kramer Junction, Kramer Hills, Lockhart, Silt, Boron, portions of Edwards, California City, Cinco, Ricardo, Ridgecrest, China Lake, Indian Wells, Brown, Pearsonville, Freeman Junction, Brown, Linnie, Goler Heights, Garlock, Lockhart, Desert Lake, Rich, Hi Vista, Redman, Roosevelt

heat map radio coverage Randsburg Loop



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