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Radio Tower Site – Sawmill Mtn, Frazier Park, Kern County, California

Sawmill Mtn

Site Name: Sawmill Mtn
Latitude: 034 50 23.2N 34.8397778
Longitude: 119 08 26.3W -119.1406389
Feet Meters
Ground Elevation: 6435.0 1961.4
HAAT: 1136.9 346.5
City: Frazier Park
County: Kern
State: California

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Site Coverage:    Coverage of Kern County Highway 95, Pine Mountain Club, Wheeler Ridge, Meridian, Lakeview, Kern Lake, Weed Patch, Edmundson Acres, Weed Patch, Fuller Acres, Lamont, Edison, Lonsmith, Magunden, Harpertown, Greenfield, Alameda, Panama, Old River, Gosford, Stevens, Kern City, Wible Orchard, Kayandee, Bakersfield, Saco, Prospero, Minter Village, Slater, Famoso, Calico, McFarland, Zentner, Jasmin, Vinland, Jasmin, Pond, Elmo, Newfeld, Wasco, Palmo, Myrids Corner, Shafter, Thomas Lane, Smith Corner, Crome, Hights Corner, Una, Rosedale, Stevens, Gosford, Old River, Gulf, Millux, Rio Bravo, Myricks Corner, Palmo, Wasco, Newfeld, Elmo, Pond, Kernell, Allensworth, Stoil, Delano, Radnor, Earlimart, Pixley, Quail, Tipton, Octol, Tulare, Tagus, Midvalley, Goshen, Traver, Chinowths Corner, Peral, Taurusa, Ivanhoe, Fane, Lort, West Venida, Mitchell Corner, Matchin, Exeter, List, Burr, Tonyville, Vance, Cains Corner, Lindsay, Stout, Sierra Heights, Mirador, Strathmore, Plainview, Zante, Lisko, Nanceville, Cotton Center, Poplar, Lower Corner, Lairds Corner, Ponce, Plano, Lois, Elmco, Deer Creek Colony, Terra Bella, Ducor, Orris, Vestal, Fountain Springs, Halfway House

heat map radio coverage Sawmill Mtn



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