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Sasquatch at Special Olympics

The Special Olympics was in full swing at Fountain Valley, California. MRA, was providing the communication for the event. However, they found themselves short-staffed.

Away from the hustle and bustle, in the tranquil woods, the local Sasquatch was observing the event with fascination. Seeing the humans in distress, the Sasquatch felt a strange impulse to help. Hesitant, he picked up a lost radio and ventured towards the event.

He saw the MRA team struggling to keep up with the line. With his keen senses and natural swiftness, Sasquatch began delivering radios to the appropriate hands, fixing frequencies, and ensuring effective communication.

The MRA team was astonished. At the end of the day there was no sight of the mysterious helper, only the rustle of leaves and the efficient delivery of radio equipment. As the event concluded successfully, the team found a large footprint near their station. Sasquatch had left his mark, a silent thank you for the radio he had found and a symbol of his unexpected friendship.

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