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The Kenwood NEXEDGE system is the next generation in radio communications offering digital quality voice over IP networks providing a footprint and function similar to cellular push to talk technology. The Kenwood NEXEDGE system also puts businesses ahead of the curve by using FDMA very narrow band channels at 6.25kHz. This is half the 12.5kHz bandwidth required by the FCC by 2013 making the system ready for use well in to the future.


In our testing when using competing technologies from Motorola (their competing product is the MotoBro) versus the Kenwood system we chose Kenwood for it’s flexibility, features and especially since Kenwood was a developer of the protocols driving these types of digital communications systems.

Some features of the Kenwood NEXEDGE Radio include:

•Individual, group, and broadcast calling
•Caller ID
•Text messaging (through Fleet Sync)
•Late Entry Capability (allows a user who just powered up a radio to join conversations)
•Voice and Data (over IP)
•Unique Calling (UID)

The Portable digital radios include:

•Noise canceling features to eliminate a majority of external noises
•Batteries with a proven 40% battery life over analog two way radios
•Paging operations to allow digital radios to be used more ardently in the field
•Paging feature also includes storage of up to 5 time stamped calls
•A new feature called priority monitor that ID’s high priority calls from dispatchers and supervisors.


In our subscriber base, we are seeing a large influx of users moving to the portable radio devices. Right now, 75% of our subscribers are portable device users.


One of the most impressive features we found with this network is the coverage. We have seen a 20-25% increase in coverage area over the analog systems. Our network covers Southern California.


The system employs NXDN Auto Registration technology. This allows you to move between towers seamlessly within our footprint. Within our network, access is controlled by obtaining a valid ESN is registered with our Network manager. This keeps rouge devices from using our service, creating your own private wireless radio communications system. This is an improvement over LTR technology. In a disaster situation, the Kenwood NEXEDGE system can deliver cellular like features when the primary cellular system will most likely be overwhelmed. This added layer of secure communications redundancy over a large footprint, we feel, is a tremendous benefit to our subscribers and distributors.


We are energized by the fact that businesses and distributers alike can now be offered a system using digital radio technologies that can deploy all of the features of a cellular system in a handheld radio. This new breed of technology from Kenwood has enabled some of our clients to all ready experience the benefits.

One school district was struggling with emergency communications. Many areas of the district were in radio and cell dead spots. Thus, in disaster- parts of the district would be cut off. They had considered a conventional repeater opposed to one of our tower sites. But the licenses from the FCC were low in power and could not be shared by others on the frequency. We identified them as a candidate for the Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital Network. After testing and implementation, they moved to portable radios on our system and have since canceled their Nextel Push to talk system and are relying solely on the NEXEDGE system for all primary and emergency communications.


Another client is a vehicle recovery services. Now, this work is a bit dangerous, requiring drivers to wear bulletproof vests! They need portability and real time communications. Their choice was to go with the Kenwood NEXEDGE system, but also added the Garmin board to include GPS. One solution offered them safe, reliable communications with real time GPS.


At Mobile Relay Associates, we are excited about the future of digital two way radio communications and the benefits it will have for many of our clients and distributers. We have spent years looking into this type of system, reviewing solutions from such main stays as Motorola. With much investment from our team and our distributors, we are happy to announce our NEXEDGE network is available to you. We highly recommend you engage the help of a consultant who has deployed NXDN Network to do it correctly. The savings in time and money will have significant value to you.


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