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  • Keep all transmissions brief and to the point so that everyone can use the radio.
  • Avoid “radio checks’ with other persons unless you have a specific message to pass.
  • Hold the portable radio by the radio body.  The radio antenna and audio accessories are not for carrying the radio and will damage the radio or the accessory.
  • If the signal quality is poor, try moving a few inches or a few feet for better signal.
  • Before calling someone on the radio, if possible, you should move to a quiet area where you will be able to communicate more efficiently.
  • When talking on the radio, face the microphone and speak with a firm voice within 1” of the microphone.  If you are not speaking into the microphone and there is noise in the background, the person at the other end of the radio will not be able to hear you because the background noise will be as loud as your voice or louder than your voice.
  • Before giving a message over the radio, make certain the individual to whom you are speaking has acknowledged your call and is listening for your message.  You have no way to know that the person at the other end of the radio is listening unless you inquire first.
  • Clearly identify the person to whom you are calling as well as yourself or your location or job.  i.e. Jane Doe to John Doe.
  • After receiving a message, acknowledge receipt of the message by saying OK, 10-4, “got it”, etc. so that they know that you have properly received the message.
  • If you did not receive the full message, say “Please repeat”.
  • Adjust the listening volume to a level commensurate with the ambient noise in the area.  Too often, the volume is adjusted in a quiet area the then people move into a crowded and noisy area which makes it difficult or impossible to hear.
  • Use the appropriate audio accessory for your specific situation such as a speaker-microphone, headset or surveillance kit to minimize the radio blaring around people and minimizing not being able to hear in a noisy environment.
  • Know what you are going to say before you press the PTT button.
  • If using a trunked radio, wait for the PROCEED tone before speaking.  If someone else is talking, your radio is inhibited from being able to transmit.
The following tips apply to using a portable radio talking into a repeater some distance away:
  • Hold the radio primarily vertical to eliminate cross polarization of the radio signal.
  • When inside buildings, if possible, move to the outer portion of the building where the signal is stronger.
  • Avoid attempting to talk in a basement, elevator or a heavily fortified area such as a fire stairwell, X Ray room, jail cell blocks, etc.
  • Move out into the clear away from buildings for better signal.
  • Move to high ground outside a building.
  • Move to high locations within a building near the windows
  • The side of the building facing the repeater will have better reception.
  • Wearing your radio on the belt next to your body will reduce the radio range.
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