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Radio Coverage

We have more coverage of the race course than anyone else.  We cover 98% of the race course, far more than anyone else.  Our coverage is better than anyone else because our system allows you to talk from anywhere to anywhere within our radio coverage.  Other radio systems only allow you to talk over a segment of the race course at a time.  If your team mate is in a different segment of the race course, you will have to relay the message to your team mate which takes extra time and adds significant uncertainty as to whether the message reaches your team member intact or if it reaches your team member changed from its original meaning.

Other Radio Rentals

MRA, and Rebel are the only ones that have the network coverage around the race course.  All others rent simplex radios that only talk 1-2 miles and cannot give your team the communications it needs to operate efficiently.


covers about 40% of the race course and you can only speak to one team member at a time.

Satellite phones

do not work in many areas of race course and are very expensive compared to the radios offered by MRA.  Satellite phones generally cannot be used while the vehicle is moving, but the MRA system has no problem with mobile operation.

Amateur radio

operators provide a valuable communication service for free.  However, usually you have to pay for their expenses which costs significantly more money than renting MRA radios.  Also, with amateur radio, you cannot talk to your team mate directly because you have to hand off the message to the ham operator, let them forward the message through one or more relays and eventually have the message delivered to the recipient.  This takes from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending upon the method used by the ham radio operators to forward the message.

Service –

No  one else has help out on the race course.  We have 2 help stations around the race course to assist you with problems with the radios.  We have people in Las Vegas to take care of your problems before you get to the race course.  We have people available by cell phone to answer your questions so that you get maximum benefit from the use of our radios.


You can pick up your equipment at our offices or we will bring everything to you at the headquarters hotel in Las Vegas.  We bring the radio equipment to the race registration area for ease of pickup.  We are at the award show from 2PM until 9PM Sunday giving you ample opportunity to return the equipment.  If you miss that opportunity, you can return the equipment to our office in Paramount, Ca.

Avoid Time Penalties

Teams that use our radios have significantly fewer and lower time penalties than competing teams.  This is due to the instant communications and the almost 100% coverage of the race course, this allowing you to manage your team properly.

There are also communications requirements for the race that could result in penalties. Frequency coordination and licensing need to be verified, unless you are using a approved system. Department radios are generally not licensed for use on the course.

Be The Winner

Winning teams win for multiple reasons.  It is not just having good runners.  It is team management that creates a winning team through their organization and follow through on the critical issues which affect the team.  Give your team the critical management tool of reliable communications so that you can properly manage your team.

Rental Radios
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