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Products and Services

Kenwood Two Way Radio BannerTwo Way Radio Rentals and Sales

Many different types of radios to server your needs.

Wide Area Radio Coverage

Coverage from the Pacific ocean to the Arizona border. South to Mexico, North to Morro bay and up the Eastern Sierras. Southern Nevada. Roaming service available in to Northern California and Arizona.

Custom Radio Systems

Communications solutions for your need

Exclusive Channels

No cross talk or interference.

Small to Large Events

Radio rentals and other support equipment from just a few people up to large shows

Short and Long Term Rentals

Just a few days, or months if you need it

Rent to Own Programs

Pay off equipment over time

Tower Site Rentals

Need a high location for your repeater?

Radio Repair and Maintenance

We often repair equipment that others couldn’t

Emergency Responder Radio Systems (ERRS)

DAS systems for fire/police radio coverage inside of buildings.

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Two way radio solutions