Airtime Services


Powerful, Private, and Affordable. It's the way Two-Way Radio was meant to be!


Unlock the Power of Open Dispatch with Two-Way Communications for your business. You'll have the freedom of taking to your group with wide area coverage at affordable prices.


Powerful, strategically located tower sites maximize system communication range.


MRA Offers:

Conventional and Trunked Repeater Loading
- In California - UHF and VHF
- In Colorado - 800 MHz


Digital Nexedge Service.

Radio Sites Offering a Variety of Radio Frequencies and Rates to Match Your Airtime Requirements


Rent or Buy Systems


Knowledgeable personnel are on hand to answer all your questions.


Don't put up with busy systems or over-priced communication bills!


Our eighty-plus years of combined experience brings you a wealth of insight to the fine details that are critical to your communications system.


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