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MRA specializes in going the extra mile to ensure that your two-way radio communications are clear and consistent.


In-Depth Consultation
We welcome all your radio communications questions and we'll take the time to provide easy to understand answers. We want you to be certain that MRA is the right choice.


FCC Licensing Assistance

When you need to obtain or maintain a license from the Federal Communications Commission for a proprietary system, MRA provides, the expertise to lead you through the licensing jungle.

Installation and Double Check of all System Components


Maintenance and Security of Site Buildings


Battery, generator, and patented repeater back-up keeps your radio system up and running through all conditions, 24/7!


MRA will Rent, Lease, or Buy Communication Systems


MRA owns and operates repeater equipment that have been strategically selected in Southern California, Colorado, and Texas.


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Phone: (323) 636-5202