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NXR-1700 VHF & NXR-1800 UHF Repeaters

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The Kenwood series of NXR-1700 & NXR-1800 repeater radio products has many features to provide you with the ability to excel the performance of the radio system.  With an excellent array of features, this repeater will out perform the competition at any comparable price.

NXR-1700 & NXR-1800 Repeater

NXR-1700 & NXR-1800 Repeaters

The NXR-1700 & NXR-1800 series repeaters are Kenwood’s low tier digital repeater / base station radio which has all the features you need in an analog or digital conventional radio.  This radio has a wealth of robust features including a frequency range of 136-174MHz VHF & 450-520MHz or 400-470MHz UHF, 32 channels per radio.  The radio is capable of the following modes of operation: analog simplex, two frequency duplex, analog conventional repeater, analog LTR trunking (with external controller), NXDN digital simplex, digital two frequency duplex, NXDN digital IP site connect, Site Roaming with Beacon, .  The basic repeater has 25 watt output to drive an external power amplifier to operate at 40W or 110W or 250W VHF, 40W or 100W or 250W UHF.  The repeater receiver has LED status indicators, 6 programmable function keys, microphone jack for local transmitting, programmable multiple AUX I/Os, DTMF AUX outputs, DTMF output control, DTMF front panel programmable function key control, flash firmware upgrades, NXDN digital air interface, AMBE+2 VOCODER, 6.25KHz and 12.5KHz channels.  Analog FM air interface with 12.5KHz channels.  Conventional mode includes, 32 RAN codes, mixed FM/digital operation, NXDN scrambler built in and conventional IP networks.  Multi-site IP networking option.  FM modes include 16 QT/DQT repeater control including hand timer, time out timer, CW ID, external FM LTR or MPT controller interface, repeat encrypted voice and data using AES, DES, DMR enhanced encryption..

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NXR-1700 & NXR-1800 Radio Products


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