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Mobile Relay Associates is a corporation specializing in the engineering, installation, maintenance and security of that vital link that carries your radio signal, the repeater system and repeater site.  MRA owns and operates repeater equipment at more than 20 sites that have been strategically selected in Southern California, Colorado and Texas.
We operate conventional and trunked repeaters as well as operating radio sites offering a variety of radio frequencies and rates to match your air time requirements. Our  eighty-plus years of combined experience brings you a wealth of insight to the fine details that are critical to your communications. MRA places their reputation for the highest quality of service on the line every hour of every day for your examination. Our team of engineers and technicians hold exceptionally high standards of precision and take great pride in going the extra distance to ensure customer satisfaction.
Too many radio system designers are satisfied with merely putting components together and hooking them up, sadly overlooking the details that become, in many cases, the point of a breakdown in their customer's communication. That's a breakdown in your profitability. Certainly no one would tell you, "Oh, the details don't really matter. Being average is plenty good." To find the truth about what you hear, you should compare companies, examine their track record for up¬time and find out what their customers have to say. MRA recommends that you thoroughly investigate any company that is to be considered for such a vital responsibility.

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