Tower Site Services


MRA specializes in providing you with the vital link that carries your company's radio signal - the repeater system, and the entire repeater site.


State-of-the-art System and Site Engineering - including Tower, Site Building, Frequency, and Labor.


MRA is a cutting-edge technology facility where your radio system will be designed from the ground up. We pride ourselves on building steadfast and reliable communications systems.


Terrain Analysis Package (TAP)TM is used by MRA in engineering all of their radio systems. TAP is recognized throughout the radio industry as a leader in site engineering software.


Whether it's for a small radius or for wide area operations, MRA has the experience to engineer the system you need.


High-Rise Building Expertise
High-rise buildings offer special problems and considerations. Whether you are in need of a system that operates completely within the high-rise, or you are in need of communicating with a repeater system many miles away from within a high-rise, MRA has the experience to design and install the system to meet your needs. It's why ARCO Petroleum chose MRA to design and install their system.


With unique and innovative ideas, MRA has solved even the most difficult coverage problems found in high-rise buildings.


Installation and Double Check of all System Components


Rent, Lease, or Buy Communication Systems


MRA owns and operates repeater equipment that have been strategically selected in Southern California, Colorado and Texas.



If you've ever been disappointed with the coverage of your radio system, come talk to MRA.


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